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Other services....

Whatever is on the horizon, I can help you prepare with one of the packages below.  

party new job update baby bump gift wedding

A gift voucher makes a special present for a friend, family or partner.  Half-day or full-day available, just contact me and I will put together a package.

Gift Certificate

When you’re ready to buy something new, I’ll send you a personalised plan with bespoke pieces, on trend with the time of year and complementing your existing wardrobe.  Clients have found this a fantastic reference tool and a building block for going on to create a unique and stylish wardrobe every season.

Seasonal Update

£25 (approx 5 items)

If you have a special occasion coming up and need help finding something  “just right”, please contact me so we can have a chat about finding you the perfect outfit.

Special Occasion


£90 (half-day shopping)£150 (full-day shopping)

“I'm 70 and was filled with trepidation about finding an outfit for a do at the Mansion House, on a very limited budget.  Jeanette was recommended by a friend and she quickly understood what I needed.  She did the traipsing around and found the perfect outfit, which I've worn again and again.”

Beatrice, Epsom